When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves

~ Viktor Frankl - from Man's Search For Meaning ~

Life is filled with many challenges and transitions, some expected and some unexpected.

A life transition can be the end of a job, a relationship or a place we live.  It can be the end of a phase of life or simply the end of a way of living.  Life’s challenges can include ageing, illness, unresolved family issues or simply juggling too many competing demands.  How we navigate life transitions and meet life's challenges can impact on our sense of self, our relationships and our wellbeing.

We may experience physical aches and pains, headaches, digestive problems.  We may withdraw socially or become hyperactive in our activities.  We may feel abandoned by God, or may seek out spiritual support.   We may long for a committed relationship or seek casual sexual encounters.

The focus of counselling at Life and Loss is on helping you discover your own unique values, strengths and resources, to enhance your capacity to cope and respond to life transitions and maintain or restore your sense of wellbeing.  This is done by helping you to clarify the issues, explore options, develop strategies and increase self-awareness.

If you are feeling stresed, anxious or overwhelmed by any of the following, Life and Loss provides a safe place where you can openly share your thoughts, feelings and concerns and benefit from the supportive presence of a knowledgeable and empathic counsellor:

  • Living with life changing or life threatening illness
  • Ageing
  • Relationship break up, separation or divorce
  • Career change, job loss or redundancy
  • Unresolved family issues